Can You Give Me A List Of Movies That Have 'Baby' In The Title?


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There are lots of movies with “baby” in the title, in all different genres! Try these:

Million Dollar Baby (2004) A determined woman tries to establish a career as a boxer, with the help of an experienced trainer.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) A young couple move into an apartment, and are troubled by peculiar neighbors and strange occurrences. Mysteriously, the woman becomes pregnant. Based on the novel by Ira Levin.

Maybe Baby (2000) This one’s a comedy about a couple, (played by Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson), who are trying to conceive.

Three Men and a Baby (1987) Another comedy, this time about three single guys who, out of the blue, find themselves with a baby to care for.

Gone Baby Gone (2007) Two private detectives investigate the kidnapping of a little girl. The case challenges them both professional and personal levels, and tests their morals along the way.

Baby on Board (2009) Life for a successful, ambitious couple is turned upside down when the wife finds out she’s pregnant.
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  • Bringing Up Baby
  • Three Men And A Baby
  • The Water Babies
  • Whatever Happened To Baby Jane
  • Baby Love

There must be loads more but these were first that sprang to mind.
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  • Bringing Up Baby (1914)
  • Blondie Brings Up Baby (1939)
  • Two Men and a Baby
  • The Adventures of Space Baby and Mental Man
  • U2: Achtung Baby
  • Love, Honor and OH! Baby (1929)

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