When Did The Cirque Du Soleil Start?


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The Cirque du Soleil which means Circus of the Sun is an entertainment venture that was launched at Montreal in Quebec, Canada in 1984 by Guy Lalibert and Daniel Gauthier who were former street performers. It was started to mark the 450th anniversary of the arrival of the French explorer Jacques Cartier in Canada way back in 1534.

The Cirque du Soleil is primarily a circus that emphasizes on the acts performed by human artists and does not use animals in its acts. The popular acts include juggling, clowning, feats of strength, trapeze artists and contortionists. The circus shows are theme based often involving a story line along with live music.

Often international artists primarily from Russia and China are invited for special performances by the circus. Cirque du Soleil arranges touring productions and arena tours at different places with regular shows being conducted at Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida in the United States where the circus has a permanent base.

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