When Did Bill Gates Die?


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Wait a second - Bill Gates isn't dead! At the time of writing this - 2012 - Bill Gates is only 56 years old.

Who Is Bill Gates?
Bill Gates is a hugely-successful business entrepreneur, and is co-founder of the software company Microsoft.

He was born in 1955, and has been constantly rated as one of the richest people in the world since 1995. As of 2012, he's the second-richest man alive.

Steve Jobs's Death
Steve Jobs died from complications of pancreatic cancer on 5th October, 2011. He was the co-founder of the software company Apple, and he did die recently, so I'm wondering if you've got the two of them confused!

Steve Jobs was essentially the Apple equivalent of Microsoft's Bill Gates, so I can see why you might muddle them up.
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he is still alive

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He died in 1999.

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