Does Television Affect The Way Teenagers Dress And Act?


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Dani NA answered
Teens love to act like people on TV. Some teens think if they do what those people do they will become famous or popular.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
Yes, Television has a great impact on the lives of people now a days. Television is broadcasting so much glamor, luxuries and advertisement that has changed our living style.

The audio video interaction has the greatest impact on human beings. Now teenagers find latest fashion and style on the Television and easily impressed by the glamor. Their action now has also changed. They adopt the style of some actor which they like the most on the TV and act the same in home and with their friends.
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charles arinze answered
Television is a media whereby information,ideas,concepts,educational values,moral values,good parenting,perfect marriage,fashions, sex techniques, kissing techniques(often dangerous to teens),violence,etc are being pushed to the outside world. This proves the fact that this media equipment has both positive and negative impact on the teens of the 21st century. While some learn bad moral behaviors,others learn good things from the problem is not the television but the intention behind the teen viewer before and after each view.

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