What Are The Disadvantages Of Television Towards Teenagers?


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Shanna Graves answered
I think it encourages teens to want more than they need. Also, a lot of teens on TV are shown being disrespectful to adults and to each other. Lastly, TV shows make regular teens think it's super easy to become famous when it is not.
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Aries Lynn answered
1. The advertisements- 100% of the advertisements are made on some illusive subjects, patterns and presentations that take the young children away from the reality in the feelings of fantasy what they like but those things move into their head for long time and kill their time and energy for their studies and other productive activities in that age.
2. Most of the news and information are manipulated (hiding or profiling low some features and highlighting some other features) and presented in such a way that the viewers become biased from the real facts to the vision of the concerned TV Center owners. This is very harmful for the young generation not only by knowing and trusting the biased news but also with some mistaken ideas in their sense.
3. Serials (dramas and programs) are the most harmful things for the youngsters. These serials are made in such a way that each episode is ended up with high pick suspense to be shown in next episode. This suspense keeps the heads of the youngsters busy of thinking and pondering 'what may happen next?'. So, they leave all their works and studies to sit down in front of the TV during that time and this sequence goes on.

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