In The Comedy Sitcom Only Fools And Horses, How Did Rodney Trotter Win A Holiday To Spain?


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In the episode The unlucky winner is…, Rodney's brother, Derrick, is obsessed with entering competitions. He enters a Corn Flakes competition, which involves sending in a landscape painting. Del admits that he's more of a portrait man himself and, therefore, secretly sends off one of his brother's paintings entitled, "Marble Arch at Dawn". Derrick, known as Del Boy (played by David Jason), opens a letter addressed to Rodney a few days after informing him that he had won. However, because Rodney had done the painting when he was a teenager, it had "Rodney Trotter, aged 14" inscribed on it. It had won first prize in the under 15 category.

Del tells his brother the news about the holiday but fails to inform him about the other small fact. It is only when they touch down at the airport in Spain when Del finally spills the beans that the organisers think he is 14, and that Cassandra, Rodney's partner, is actually acting as his stepmother. The three of them manage to blag their way through the weeklong vacation thanks to doctored passports and carefully chosen words. It is only until Rodney's numbers come out on the Spanish lottery that the truth comes out.
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Painting competition

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