How Does The Trotter Family Become Millionaires On The TV Comedy Sitcom Only Fools And Horses?


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In the episode "Time on our Hands" (part of the 1996 Christmas trilogy), Raquel's mother and father go for dinner in the Trotter's flat. The night after the meal, Raquel's father, an antiques dealer, is talking to Del and Rodney in their garage when he spots a pocket watch on top of a cooker. He becomes very excited and starts shaking. He tells the two brothers that he feels it might be the long lost Harrison lesser watch that people have been searching for since over 300 years ago. Del explains that they got it from a clearout of an attic some years previous.

Del and Rodney then decide to auction it and get a slot a Sotheby's. They attend the auction, parking their three-wheeled van outside on double yellow lines with a "Midwife on call sign" on. The bidding starts at Β£150 thousand, causing Del to faint. When he recovers and re-enters the auction hall with Rodney, the biding has gone up to Β£4 million. This causes Rodney to pass out in shock. The final figure is Β£6.2 million and the Trotters finally reached their dream of becoming millionaires.

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