Where Can I Watch NBC Passions Full Episodes Of Previous Shows Starting In May Of 2007 For Free?


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NBC's soap opera Passions became the first US TV soap to become
available by downloading. This may be why so many episodes of the show are now
available on YouTube, including those first shown in 2007.

Whether these episodes will always be
available to watch for free on YouTube may depend on how tolerant NBC are of
such practices. If the episodes are removed, you could try other online video
sites such as Vimeo, Daily Motion and MetaCafe.

Be aware that downloading episodes of any TV
show for no cost could well mean you are breaking the law. Enforcement agencies
frequently clamp down on this activity, which counts as piracy, and they often aren't
bothered by how much or how little you have downloaded and when. 

If you wish to
try this route, theovguide is one site offering free downloads of Passions.

Your best bet for legal downloads of Passions is Netflix, although they will charge
for the service. SO many fans have enjoyed Passions on Netflix that there is now an online petition asking for Netflix to make
episodes of Passions themselves!

Here's an episode of Passions from 2007 to watch on

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