Where Can I Watch Full Free Episodes Of Sailor Moon?


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You can watch full episodes on youtube.com.But make sure it is in English or in your language
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Youtube is right or veoh.com and does anybody know where i can find can i find ep. 160 in english
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You can watch full free episode of this show from the http://edogo.com
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OK there's a possibility this answer might contravene some terms and conditions of something, somewhere, but... Really, it shouldn't, because torrent files *themselves* aren't illegal or in *any* way a breach of copywright.  Anyway, all of that said...

There is a technology called BitTorrent.  This is a file sharing technology.  There are various applications for using BitTorrent (the one I use is uTorrentm).  There are also various sites that host torrent files.  One of the more popular ones is The Pirate Bay.  It's very... Believable... That if one were to read up a bit on BitTorrent, then get ahold of an application like uTorrent, and then do a search on a torrent site such as The Pirate Bay, that one might be able to find all the episodes of Sailor Moon available for download.  However.  Once you get to *actually* downloading the files, if you don't own the DVDs themselves, it becomes a terribly gray area, copyright law wise, and you may be breaching the copyright laws of your country.

I do hope this answer doesn't get removed for any reason.  This information is freely available around the internet, and I *really**do* encourage you to check your local copyright laws before starting to download these files (end of my disclaimer there!).
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If you wouldn't mind watching the episodes in japanese with subtitles I recommend http://megavideo.com . Its full screen and pretty good quality considering sailor moon is pretty old animation. The only thing I don't like about it is after a certain amount of hours you have to wait awhile to start watching more. Unless you sign up.

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The best place ta watch anime shows is animefreak.tv

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