Who Is Auggie Busch? [Hint He Lives Down The Road From Me In Osage Beach, Missouri Aka Misery...lol.]


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Well. Back in the day, me and Augustus used to knock back a few.
Where do you think he got the slogan, "Head for the mountains" from?
This answer is from Steve-o.
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Would that be the ceo of Anheiser Busch ? Aka Bud ? And maybe big boss of Busch Gardens also ?
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Okay...well isn't he Auggie lV...hand me down of the Big ceo, Mr. Busch....And he's on the board of Busch something & just sold his share of Busch Gardens ? He was also married to a Kate something from Missouri for a short time, but is now divorced from her. He likes to get into car accidents too & gets away with 'em..Well....that's my answer...close or right. I'm stickin' to it. I make a lot of sense, don't I? LOL And he runs some kind of Town thing in Fla. Too.. Is that Y U hate him?
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Can ya tell I'm kinda out of it & my puter is gone, so I'm usin' one I hate right now too...Ugh !! Jus' wanna get off it fast !! Can't see the screen. Too small. Byeeeeeeeeeee 4 now, Luv ya.
August IV is the son of Auggie & u've pegged him, but who/what was his dad? N we r buddies!!! Lol
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He owns the bush stadium in Missouri (I think)
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Does he own the budweiser Clydesdale's?
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My answer is he is the gg grandson of the original buschs' and current ceo of the company and busch stadium, he should be some where in his 60's now not sure but he is a lucky dog to have been born into money......that is my story and maybe I'm close because he hob nobs with the former President Bush, and he supplies the beer....hahahaha

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