What Kind Of Guitar Does Justin Bieber Have?


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Justin Bieber owns several guitars, but his most commonly used guitar is the Gibson Hummingbird. He almost always plays an acoustic rather than performing with an electric guitar, and can be seen playing his Gibson Hummingbird guitar in several live performances.

At the start of his career Justin Bieber would often play Fender or Martin acoustic guitars and he still performs using these guitars occasionally. However, he usually only plays guitar in solo acoustic performances - during an electric gig he tends just to sing.

  • As of 2012 Justin Bieber plays a Gibson Hummingbird
  • The singer has been known to play Fender and Martin guitars.

Justin Bieber's Guitar.

The Gibson Hummingbird was developed in the 1960s and takes its name from the hummingbird decoration on the pick guard. Upon its release the guitar was the second most expensive model in Gibson's range. The guitar was Gibson's first attempt at a dreadnought design, which had first been pioneered by Martin guitars.

Dreadnought style acoustic guitars have larger bodies with square shoulders and bottom. The shape and size of the sound cavity gives these guitars a louder and bolder tone and the neck is usually attached to the body at the 14th fret. The Hummingbird is considered to be a very good guitar and is still in production today. It has been released as various different models throughout the years and is superb for all styles of playing.

  • The Gibson Hummingbird was first released in 1960.
  • It was the first Gibson guitar to adopt the dreadnought design.
  • Suitable for all styles of playing.
  • Takes its name from the hummingbird design on its pick guard.

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