What Brand Of Acoustic Guitar Does Justin Bieber Use?


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As of 2012 Justin Bieber plays a Gibson Hummingbird guitar, although he has occasionally used Fender, Martin and other Gibson guitars as well.

Bieber has frequently been photographed playing a Gibson Hummingbird and the guitar features in many of his music videos and live performances. Here's a video of him playing a Gibson Hummingbird at a live performance, playing the song "One Time".

Gibson Hummingbird.

The Hummingbird is a widely-used Gibson acoustic guitar. It was introduced in 1960 and at the time it was Gibson's second most expensive guitar. It was also the company's first square-shoulder dreadnought style guitar.

A dreadnought acoustic guitar means the body is larger than the standard guitar size and this gives the instrument a bolder and louder tone. Dreadnoughts are distinctive for their square shoulders and bottom, and the neck is usually attached to the body at the 14th fret. The guitar is known as the Hummingbird because of its pick guard design (which has a hummingbird on it). The guitar also features mahogany sides and back; a mother-of-pearl fretboard and headstock, and the bridge is made of rosewood. The Hummingbird guitar is known for its wide range of tones and is suited to all styles of playing.

  • Introduced in 1960.
  • At the time it was Gibson's second most expensive model.
  • Features a hummingbird design on the pick guard.
  • Gibson's first dreadnought design
  • Praised for its loud and bold tones.
  • Still being made today.
  • Has been re-released as various different models throughout the years.

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