What Are The Differences And Similarities Between Electric Guitars And Acoustic Guitars?


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The main difference between electric and acoustic guitars is the way they amplify their sound. Most other aspects of the two instruments are identical.

An acoustic guitar uses its built-in sound cavity to increase the volume of the instrument, whereas electric guitars use magnetic pickups, powered by electricity to capture the guitar's sound. This is then passed through a wire to an amplifier.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars come in two basic forms. These are either Spanish (or classical) acoustics or steel stringed acoustic guitars. Spanish guitars are nylon-stringed and are generally finger picked.Steel-stringed acoustics, are as the names suggests, steel-stringed. This gives the instrument a different tone compared to a Spanish guitar.

  • Spanish/Classical guitar.
  • Steel stringed acoustic guitar.
  • They use their built in sound box to amplify their sound.

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars also come in two basic formats: Semi-electric (hollow-bodied) or solid-bodied electric guitars. Semi-electrics have small sound cavities built into the body of the guitar, which gives them a warm, rich and bright tone. They also have the advantage of being more audible when they are not plugged in, making practice possible if noise levels are an issue. In contrast solid-bodied electric guitars are solid as their name suggests, and therefore have no sound cavities - relying solely on the pickups to amplify the instrument instead. Solid-bodied guitars have a wider range of sounds and tones and usually have better sustain. 

  • Semi-electric.
  • Solid bodied electric guitar.
  • Use electric pickups to capture the sound, this is then boosted by an amplifier.
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The difference between an acoustic and an electric guitar is simply amplification. An electric one needs an amplifier, but they are much easier to play. The electric instrument will cost more because you will have to purchase a good amp, and they both cost quite a bit of money. The acoustic instrument is more limited in shape and size because both shape and size make a difference on the sound that comes from the guitar.
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Both Electric and Acoustic Guitars are similar by physical attributes like strings, a neck, frets, tuning pegs, a bridge etc. Both the guitars are held the same way and played similarly. Both have got eother 6 or 12 strings.

Electric guitars use magnetic pickups, powered by electricity to capture the guitar's sound. This is then boosted by an amplifier.

An acoustic guitar uses its built-in sound cavity to increase the volume of the instrument. A few accessories is needed to get started with these guitars.

With acoustic guitars, you can play anywhere where as electric guitars, you need to plug in to an amp in order to hear its full sound. Most players would use their acoustic for practice when they are in their office, front porch or even on tour bus!

Acoustic Guitar:

Electric Guitar

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Hello! Thanks for the interesting comparisons. Perhaps I will say a few words. An acoustic guitar differs from an electric guitar in several basic aspects: body structure, number of frets, string fastening system, sound amplification methods and game technique. For an acoustic guitar, the body is usually wide and hollow, while for an electric guitar, it is strong and narrow. The reason is in different ways of amplifying sound. In acoustics, this is exactly the case, namely the hole in the middle of the front deck. The vibration from the strings is sent to the guitar body, amplified and output through it. My favorite electric guitar has magnetic sensors on my body. They pick up vibrations of metal strings and transmit them to reproduction equipment. You can learn more about the structure and differences between guitars in this article Thanks to clear and professional reviews, I chose my latest electric guitar 3. SQUIER BY FENDER CLASSIC VIBE 50'S HAND TELECASTER ELECTRIC GUITAR, the guitar was made exactly by the specifications of the original Strats of the 50s, except, perhaps, for the alder body instead of the classic linden trees. It has a 9.5 neck with 21 frets and a modern neck in the shape of the letter ā€œCā€. It is equipped with 3 individual Strat pickups in vintage style with Alnico III magnetic poles.

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There are many differences and each person decides what he likes to do. Personally, I prefer an electric guitar because I have the best overdrive pedal here and it creates beautiful sounds. My friends are in delight when I am playing and I am really proud of it.

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