Looking For The 70's Song With Lyrics: 'I Hear The Pitter Patter Of Little Feet On The Living Room Floor.' Possibly A One-Hit Wonder?


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You're probably thinking of Saturday Morning Confusion by Bobby Russell. The song was released in 1971, and was taken from Russell's third and final album, Saturday Morning Confusion. The song isn't very well known, and only reached number 28 in the US charts.

Lyrics to Saturday Morning Confusion by Bobby Russell

Here they come, warming up

I hear the pitter patter of little People on the living room rug Woe is me, there goes the TV Now it's Popeye and Bluto Batman and Bozo Don't spill the corn flakes They'll break at lunch break Home from the office Why did I stop to Have a beer with the boys Now my head's 'bout to pop It's a Saturday morning confusion If you think you can sleep, it's illusion Cause you'll probably get a rude Intrusion from Harry the dog Harry the dog is as big as can be And Harry the dog had puppies last week We couldn't tell if it's a he Or a she, now we know It's a Saturday morning confusion If I could just get to the bathroom And get a cold rag and an aspirin To help how I feel But here come the twins And they're screaming at me What is the deal to turn off the TV? Go ask your mother and quietly Your daddy is ill
There he is, cousin Jack You got the leaf rake too Keep at it til I get it all back Hanging round my yard Snooping in my garage I tolerate I'm because he's my cousin He's nice to the kids And Harry just loves him
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As far as I remember it, the song was sung by the 'Beach boys' in the early 80's and the name of the album was Here is a link from where you can find the lyrics.

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