What Is Pitbulls Phone Number?


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You will not be able to get hold of the rapper, Pitbull's phone number for a number of reasons including security and privacy.

  • Agency
If the reason that you want Pitbull's phone number is because you want to book him for an event, then you will be able to make these sorts of arrangements through the agency that he uses. This is the Richard de la Font Agency.

You will be able to find the contact information for this agency on this site:

  • Information sites
If the reason that you wanted Pitbull's phone number is because you wanted to contact him just for a chat, then you are out of luck for the reasons that have already been outlined.

You can, however, discover more about Pitbull by having a look at any of the very many websites that are out there, this one included:  

  • Pitbull
Although Pitbull is better known by this stage name, he was actually born Armando Christian Perez in 1981, which makes him 30 years old. He made his first recording in 2002 with Lil Jon, and went on to make his own debut album two years later.

The title of this album is an acronym, MIAMI, which stands for Money is a Major Issue. Between then and now, Pitbull has released further albums on a regular basis.

Besides being a rapper, record producer and a singer songwriter, Pitbull also hosts his own program on cable channel Mun2, which is a Spanish language program called La Esquina, which translates to The Corner.

Thanks to his success in these fields, Pitbull has furthered his career in other ways as well. An example of this is product endorsement for giant companies and products such as Kodak and Dr Pepper.

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