Using IMovie Can I Export As A Flash Movie?


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Export iMovie to Quicktime
1.To save the imovie video as quicktime file, Go to the "Share" menu and select "Export Movie..." option to open the "Share" window, then choose "QuickTime" icon.
2. In the "Compress movie for" pop-up window, select an option and press "Share"
3. To choose the type of export format, click "Options" button to set the compression, frame rate and key frame. Then click "Save" and the imovie video will be saved on your mac.

Export iMovie to DV Tape
You can save your movie finished with iMovie as a raw digital video format on DV tape
1. Get a blank DV tape in your camcorder and connect your camera to your computer with a FireWire cable, then set your camera to VTR mode.
2. Go to "Share" menu and choose "Export Movie..." option to open the "Share" window, then choose "Videocamera" icon. Finally click "Share" button and wait for a moment, your movie will be saved on your DV tape.

Export iMovie to iDVD
You can export iMovie as a file which can be workable with iDVD for burning a home DVD.
1.To export a file to iDVD from iMovie, Go to "Share" menu and choose "iDVD" option.
2. Press "Share" button and choose a destination for it and click "Save".

Export iMoive to Flash FLV/SWF for web
You won't find any export option in iMovie for exporting iMovie file to Flash(FLV/SWF). So how should you do to export imovie to Flash for your website? One tool is required, that is Doremisoft Video to Flash converter mac. Therefore, when you have done your movies in iMovie and would like to add the movie to your website, you can achieve it by the ways of exporting iMovie movies to hard disc as a Quicktime clips and then converting Quicktime movie to Flash FLV/SWF with the mac video to flash converter.
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Hi Wildfire,

Presently you cannot export directly from iMovie to flash.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to create a free account with a video sharing site like Youtube, they will convert most file types into flash and will also host the video for you. They also make it easy for you to embed it into any web page. However there are a number of downsides to this, firstly the video quality is suspect, Youtube will now own the rights to your film/video and you will not be able to host the video on your own web server.

Alternatively to avoid those issues you can try ffmpegX  this program has recently been updated and now can convert most movie formats into flash. You can read a detailed set of instructions here
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