Can I Use My Plasma TV As A Computer Monitor?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Yes, most plasma TVs ship with ports to allow a whole range of peripherals to be connected and take advantage of the large screen format.

For home computing, the internet, digital and High Definition TV is now coalescing around plasma monitors. These disparate elements are fusing together to become less solo pursuits and more family and sharing experiences played out on the big screen for all too see.

Chances are you're looking at this site on a 17 inch monitor. Try for a second to imagine surfing the net, gaming online or watching streaming media via your broadband connection on a screen that was almost three times as large.

The main worry now when buying a plasma monitor is whether it has enough ports and slots for all the peripherals you want to plug in. Take account of equipment such as your PC, DVD player, satellite receiver, cable TV, HDTV, games console, etc. and then add on one or two more.

The possibilities are almost endless, limited only by the number of ports and bandwidth available.

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