How Do I Stop My Infrared Receiver Being Saturated With Infrared Light From My Plasma Tv?


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The working principle of infra-red receivers is such that if an infra-red signal appears within its line-of-sight, it gets converted to electrical signals. Of course the distance should not be more than 30feet for most receivers. These electrical impulses can travel through wires and then subsequently can again get converted back to infra-red signals.

Since plasma TVs are sources of large amounts of IR radiations, these can interfere with and saturate the IR receivers or extender units making them rather ineffective and in some cases almost useless. So much so, that one might have to press a button 10 times before seeing any result which can be quite irritating.

A crude fix is to attach a small opaque "hood" around the IR receiver's sensor window. How this helps is that it does not allow the plasma interference to go through while at the same time reception of line-of-sight remote commands happen.

Another solution is to use an RF extender. When this is used, the remote sends the signal to a device in a hidden place which converts the RF back to IR and subsequently sends it through emitters in front of the TV. Else, you can buy a "plasma proof" receiver for use near plasma and LCD TVs.

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