Where do you do most of your online shopping, and why?


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Dan Banks , Online shopper., answered

I suppose it depends on what I'm buying, but generally I tend to use Amazon and Ebay for my online shopping needs!

I always find myself using these sites because:

  • Both Amazon and Ebay have a huge selection of products to choose from. It's only in very rare instances that I can't find something that I'm looking to purchase on one of these websites.
  • These sites are: Tried, tested, and trusted. This is very important to me when it comes to purchasing items online. Most people are far more likely to buy from established websites which have a good reputation than they are from smaller and less-well-known stores.
  • I already have a profile on both Amazon and Ebay. I have purchased products from these sites for many years, therefore it's just easier for me to use them. I know how they work, I already have my details saved on them, and they're quick and easy to buy from. Sometimes too easy!
  • Value. More often than not (and especially on Ebay) you can get good value for money - if you look in the right places! As a frugal type I place value high up on the list of why I continue to purchase from these online stores.

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Lily Bradic
Lily Bradic commented
Definitely have to agree with you on this one - thanks, Dan!
Alex Steven
Alex Steven commented
I do most of my shopping from Amazon, Ebay, Vigo, Necessary Clothing and for office stationery I use LyonChecks.com. These are the best online shopping sites for me.
Sandra George
Sandra George commented
hello friend i am in uae and i do my shopping from promotionalgifts uae this is the best shopping site in uae
Nealious James Profile
Nealious James answered

Lily! I normally get most of my shopping done on eBay! However, I also opt for
River Island, TOPMAN and ASOS every now and then. This will usually be during
times when sales are on, otherwise these sites tend to be pretty expensive.
Cheaper ones that I came across are SammyDress & Roségal, but quality is
not guaranteed when ordering from them! 

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