Do you like shopping online?


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Jack Mahon answered
I love it. It is shoppers heaven for the lazy and those that despise shopping. That's my take on the question.  I love the shopping, the expectation of the UPS truck coming.  The on;y thing I really hate id The Shipping Charges. Some of them are outrageous and are made higher to increase the profits to the stores. How about when you order something for $ 8.00 and the shipping is $7.95, doesn't that give you pause to think if what you're doing makes sense?
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Sarah answered
No I don't trust the internet lol but I love shopping just not in the internet
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Joan answered
I do very, very little on line shopping.  The only time I use it is to find an item I can not locate locally.  I want to try on my clothes and be able to check out the quality of the fabric and the quality of the product.  A picture can be deceiving.  Just look at Jackyll's picture.  In it he looks like a stunningly handsome man and I just bet he is sown-right average....Smile!
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Bonnie Bloom answered
Not really, for some reason I don't trust it. I know dumb right? But I don't like the wait. I like walking around, and looking at the clothes, and touching them, and trying them on.
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I love to do online shopping. I am a very person and don't have time to go to store and do my shopping. I always do online shopping through internet and save my time and money both.
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Riya Chandra answered
It depends upon an individual’s preference and convenience whether to purchase stuff online or by visiting a store personally. I prefer
buying women apparel online as I believe that it not only help you save
time but also give you the liberty to choose branded products at discounted prices.
Stewart Pinkerton Profile
I do it for everything except food.
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Tim Morston answered
Mostly I check out the products in the stores (so I can see them and touch them, or try them on etc) then I check them out online to see if I can find better prices. Normally if you go to the manufacturer's store, the prices are the same but if you use price comparison sites then you can sometimes (not always) save money. But I would never buy clothes or shoes online without knowing if they fit! That is the big disadvantage of online shopping.
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Sala Li answered

Yes, I like to go shopping online very much. Because there are many goods for you choose and they are cheap very much and you can do not go out and waste your time to go to the shop to buy something, you just at home.

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Smith Alen answered

Yes, I like online shopping more
compared to offline shopping. For last two months due to busy work schedules, I’m
unable to get the time for shopping at offline retail outlets and malls. In
this meanwhile, I did online shopping and got an amazing shopping experience
that I never got in my life. Especially plenty of discount offers and money
savings on my orders and simple and fast shopping procedure have attracted me a
lot. And other one is using online coupons while shopping online. Using online
coupons at the time of online purchase can provide more discount offers.

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Nice Girl answered

No I don't like shopping online! My parents have tried and it wasn't successful!

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Nice Girl
Nice Girl commented
I'm confused... can you explain..I mean do you get cheaper goods?
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
Yes you can ! Things you want new are always a good price. You can always get something used there for really good prices. Some things you want new but like my books, I get them for really good prices.
Nice Girl
Nice Girl commented
the next goods in my house...will be from there!
Frederick Fisk Profile
Frederick Fisk answered

Of course, it's a time saver. :) I'm willing to buy almost anything on-line, except for clothing and a few other things. But tech, home, food, utility etc. Is perfect for on-line shopping.

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Anonymous answered
Personally I love to, I think it is very convenient and soon, also very fashion. Girls always like to do.
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Eunice Kwarteng answered
I love to shop, so I would shop anywhere. To me, it doesn't matter where I shop as long as I get what I am looking for.
max loy Profile
max loy answered
I prefer shopping in person. But yes online shopping is convenient. I shop online at times but not very often. Anyway, I enjoy both. :)
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Anonymous answered
I love online shopping because it saves my time and money. I can save my fuel because I don't need to drive for a mile. Stores also offers online coupons and coupon codes by using them I save a lot a money.
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Anonymous answered
I like it. You can see what r in stores but sometimes you don't have the money to buy the stuff so its just fun to see and make a wish list for later. WBY?
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I definitely prefer it over shopping in an actual store. It's so much simpler, and you get a much wider selection of what you're looking for. Just this week I've ordered three things online.

john carter Profile
john carter answered

Definitely online shopping

It saves time, energy and money.

But yeah the joy of offline shopping can never be sidelined.

If I have time and mood for offline shopping then it's pretty cool, otherwise I prefer shopping over the world wide web.

you definitely can check globicles blog posts if you are a shopaholic

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Sapna Mehra answered

I love shopping online. It saves a lot of time and effort. Not only small things but now i also order furniture online from FabFurnish as it gives amazing discounts and a good quality products. Being a working person it has become very convenient for me to shop.

K. B.  Baldwin Profile
K. B. Baldwin answered

Mixed feelings!  Since I hate brick-and-mortar shopping it works well for somethings.  This fall purchased both a chainsaw and replacement gasoline engine for my chipper on-line.  Good prices, free shipping and good results.  For some things I really prefer to "stare and compare" and you can't do that with on-line.  Seems as tho the one critical measurement (for me) is the one the seller does not mentione.  Yes, I can see it is blue - but how many millimeters in diameter isi the frammis opening? 

Jason Levy Profile
Jason Levy answered

Yes ,i really like to buy my all necessary things via online shopping,it is very easy way for me to buy anything  i don’t have to wait in a line ,i can do my shopping in minutes,its save my time and  really  useful  for me

Matthew Barrett Profile
Matthew Barrett answered

Yes, I like shopping online, because more often than not, I get access to products I can't find locally at a price that is very hard to beat. It is also convenient and the delivery of goods is very smooth the vast majority of the time.

Sonal Mehta Profile
Sonal Mehta answered

Yes, I do very much..

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chen lyfen Profile
chen lyfen answered
It depends on what article I buy ,as I prefer safe so I don't buy all things online for avoiding the erros and not safe.
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Farhat Rizvi answered
Yeah I love online shopping from the authentic resources which are not fake like eBay. There are quite a few scammy sites out there too - so watch out!

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