Do You Like Shopping?


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Maria Johnson Profile
Maria Johnson answered
I am a shopping freak.
ly fen chen Profile
ly fen chen answered

Of course, I like it, it's a way of compering prices, finding what we need, and seeing many other things that we don't know, it's a kind of learning skill and meeting people too.

happy life Profile
happy life answered
I love shopping. View online stores when free..Maybe scams online. But we must know how to protect by ourselves.
Does anybody shop online?
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I love to go shopping so can call me a shopoholic !!! (if I had the MONEY!!!!!!)
McKenzie Collins Profile
I luv shopping! Getting new things and having fun while doing it. Trying things on, getting things youve wanted for ages. But don't let people buy something you will never wear or something. Make a polite statement so yea.
chen lyfen Profile
chen lyfen answered
Shopping is a kind of relax, so sometimes I like to go to shopping for seeing wonferful things and articles that make us feel happy and interested in.
Karl Sagan Profile
Karl Sagan answered

I only like online shoping because it isn't time consuming and it really is amasingly convenient . Just don't forget to check on your postal code. After all, you don't want your packages to get delayed.

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I like cool and calm places, where we can focus on shopping. I don't like rush. Too many crowded areas are sometimes get nasty.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Of course,I think most of the girls like shopping, I would love to shop with my fri in our spare time.Moreover I enjoy shopping online,there r more fashion items, adore their fresh ideas...
Rob Ball Profile
Rob Ball answered
I hate it!!  But my gf can't get enough!!  Her favorite is called Hand In Pocket in the ATL!

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