When You Go On A Shopping Trip For Clothes, Do You Like To Buy Everything For A Complete Outfit At One Time? Or Do You Shop For Several Of One Item Only?


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If I happen to find everything for a complete outfit at the time, it would sure save time, but I usually have to go to a couple of stores to find everything to match. Now if they happen to have an "ensemble" outfit all put together, it sure makes it a lot easier. I shop a lot of thrift stores so I usually have to buy a blouse in one store and pants in another store. If I happen to find a blouse I really like, I will buy several in various colors.
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carol washington
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I buy blouses, tees and socks that way. Every color it comes in, goes in the cart. I have found quite a few purses and skirts in the thrift store. But my favorite items from the trift store is glass object d' art. I have really found so many pretty finds there.
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I usually just buy what I need at the time if I see something I like... At the moment I have about 30 jeans, but have the hardest time finding t-shirts I like.. I am a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl, with a couple basic outfits for dressy occasions... Just a tomboy who tries to be a bit girly...
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carol washington
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I love tees with funny sayings. My husband can always tell what mood i'm in by my shirt. He reads my shirt and just shakes his head and then lol...
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It depends on whether I am shopping for an event or not. If
I am buying clothes for a special occasion, I purchase everything for a
complete outfit at one go. However, when I shop for daily attires, I pick
anything that I like. Additionally, I never by a few of a single item.

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I shop for several things at a time, but sometimes I don't even find what I want

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