What Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of Online Shopping?


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-its convenient and store never closes
-easy and one click away
-don't need to drive in the bad weather and look for parking
-no squishing with the crowd on holidays or wait in line at check out and saves time
-you can compare prices and features right away without wasting gas driving to diff stores
-no pressure to buy from vendors
-you don't have to worry about buying big items that you don't have a car to transport. It will be delivered

-Enjoyment of retail shopping lost
Many enjoy shopping with others and it is often a good way to make social connections. Online, 
-you have to worry about Privacy and security issues
-access to the Internet and computer necessary
-product online can be limited
-product category risk meaning products such as apparel, perfume, and electronics, that have functions that cannot fully be experienced online. It not what it seems and you can't touch and feel the product
-Too many choices
-expensive shipping fees and when you need a return you might have to pay for that too, it can be more than gas money
-you don't go out anymore
-it takes a long time to arrive and it can be back ordered
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When shopping for relatively inexpensive obscure items, on-line shopping may be preferable.

I've driven miles in a snowstorm for an item confirmed by a phone-call to be in stock and wasn't, had never been and never would be. I would sooner have lost the cost and avoided the journey.

My general rule is to not attempt to purchase anything so expensive I couldn't afford to be bilk'd on the deal. Overall, this have given me much on-line shopping satisfaction.

With a reliable vendor, it can be sane to order a $1 item with $5 shipping and wait a week for delivery, rather than than spend hours driving and pack a meal or have lunch away because of the distance.
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On line prices can seem like a great deal, but be mindful of the shipping charges. Christmas shopping on line has its advantages...no waiting in line, no hunting for parking spaces,no assles, everything delivered to your door! If you are shopping for shoes and clothes, size can be an issue. Returns can be a bear and colors and sizes are always 100% accurate or represented accurately.
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The benefit of online shopping is that it saves your time,
energy and money. You do not have to go to the florist shop. At your home you can buy through online shopping. Like if you want to buy flowers then logon to a florist shop like ferns n petals and with credit card after filling the form buy them.
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Disadvantage, like the others said make sure its a true business!! And when ever entering credit card numbers make sure the site is a Secured site, how you tell is in the address bar it will be https not just http, the s means its secure and as always just be careful!
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The online shopping is one of the best online platform for the shopping lovers to get smart and fast shopping experience with more money savings. Whenever you go for online shopping, use online coupons and free discount codes to get great discount offers and money savings on the products that you buy. You just need to get the info of the coupons whether they are available or not on the certain product. You can enjoy the online shopping more that you never had before with these coupons.

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Advantages are you can sit on your computer & shop. Disadvantages are many, you need to check the accountability of site which is providing the online shopping site
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Amy Taylor , online shopping, answered

It is convenient and cheap to go shopping online while we have to be worried about the quality of that, because it is always different from the picture shows on the internet.

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Some advantages of shopping online are , you don't have to go outside, its fast and easy, its not tiresome.

But it has some disadvantages like you can't actually touch, and examine your product before purchasing it. The shipping may take more than 1 day. And you might have to pay some extra amount for using your credit card .
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I agree that it's fast, easy, and convenient, and you don't have to spend too much time going around the mall and choosing something you need. That's the reason I decided to develop an online shop instead of an offline one, and it's not that hard to understand the Buyer persona and figure out how to increase sales.

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