What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Music?


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1.Music can be used as an escape from problems faced in reality.
2.Can make you feel happier when sad; changes emotions so that you can forget a negative mood.
3.Can help with health, like lowering blood pressure or helping people recover from strokes, etc.
4.Set a good atmosphere for parties and spending time with friends.
5.Helps induce sleep, or calm one down.

1.Problems should be dealt with rather than just ignored
2.Can also make you go from content to depressed by listening to certain songs, the rapid change of emotion can be regarded as dangerous to your well-being
3.People can rely on music as a healer, or may come to expect that it will better their circumstances.
4.Many song lyrics refer to drugs, sex and alcohol. This may influence peoples’ outlook on these things.
5.Dependency to get to sleep, or to remain calm.
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Some Pros of music is the ability to heal with music. Whether it be emotionally or medically music is used for many things. Some people have had music help to lower their blood pressure and some where able to use music to help recover from a stroke (jazz music). Music is also relaxing and can help to induce sleep. Cons of music can be the language that some songs use and some could be the innuendos that the song may hint at. A lot of the songs talk about drugs, sex, alcohol, money, and things like that. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that all the songs are about it but some do talk about that. I hope I helped you some!
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Well I personally listen to rap music. I'd say......

PROS: Its fun to listen to, its the most popular kind of music, its easy to dance to, and some GOOD beats.

CONS: Obviously bad language is a huge factor...but other than that I don't see a problem with rap music.
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Of course there are a lot of people saying that there are many PROs and CONs to rap music, but I believe in these:

PRO: Artists like Eminem say a lot about life, thus making him a role model. When he raps, he teaches a lesson that is in deeper meaning that what is lying on the surface.

CON: The words in most rap music demean women.  They use women in their videos as a sex object, and their "property".  I don't agree with that.
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The pros of Hip Hop music is with Emceeing and Deejaying provides many youths an alternate means of expression and can provide a way to elevate themselves out of their current situation. It gives them a small hope that their talents through hard work and persistence can get them recognition and eventually fame and fortune. The cons of Hip Hop music is the negative aspects that come from letting small amounts of fame ruin their persona.  Getting lured towards all the girls at the nightclubs and it makes it harder to focus on family values.
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There are pros and cons in rap music such as...
Pros: It's entertaining, moving, it gives life lessons and has a good quality on what it's explaining.
Cons: It has vulgar language, it might reflect on kids lives with how they listen to it.

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If you mean learning to play an instrument...

It's good because
it helps you to understand how music is built up
if you play in an orchestra you learn how to play music with other people
if you play in a band and you are good you can do gigs and get money
it's fun!

It's bad because
you have to practice a lot

As you can probably tell I am a bit biased because I already play an instrument!
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I think that there a lot of pro's and a lot of con's.

The pros have to do with what this new type of music has done for a whole culture. It's given a medium of expression through music where there wasn't one for the youth before. It's a unique musical style and something of their own.

In my view the con's have to do mostly with the harsh words, thoughts and gestures/actions used with the music. Although it's a creative new way to express, it's not an uplifting creating or anything worthwhile... It's just a form of music to carry less desirable thoughts that haven't been expressed before.

IF that energy was focused in a more socially active, harmonious way the outcome may be some form of benefit that effects the youth in a more substantial way.

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People have the ability to share their thoughts and ideas. However, some people's thoughts and ideas aren't so clean...

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