Is Gucci Mane Married?


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Gucci Mane is an American hip-hop rapper famous for albums such as:

  • Hard to Kill
  • Trap House
  • Back to the Trap House
  • The state vs. Radric Davis.

His music is also described as hardcore rap, gangster rap, as well as aggressive, hostile and rebellious.

Although there is no confirmation that Gucci Mane is married, there are rumors that he is married to Mac Bre-z. Mac Bre-z born in Atlanta, also known as 'The Kandi Lady' is a club/ hip-hop/ rap artist. According at an article on (published on January 20 2011), Mac Bre-z' Facebook relationship status is set to 'engaged' however she wrote a status about 'renewing her vows' with Gucci Mane. There are also rumors that Gucci Mane has a son, however, these are also not confirmed.

  • Gucci's romantic life

Before the rumors of Mac Bre-z, Gucci Mane was in a relationship with Keyshia Dior (a well known model, actress and stylist) famous for appearing in the video 'Say Something' by Drake and Timberland. She also appeared in Gucci Mane's video, '911 Emergency'. Unfortunately the relationship between the two didn't last.

He was born in 1980 in Alabama under the name of Radric Davis and was brought up by his mother in Atlanta, Georgia. During his rap career, Gucci had several legal issues including a jail sentence for possession of cocaine, as well as a charge for murder after he'd been attacked by a group of men in his house. This charged were dropped as the evidence was insufficient. He also did community service, as well as being arrested for reckless driving.

  • Influences
Gucci has worked with artists such as Ludacris, Soulja Boy and Nicki Minaj during his career. Gucci has recently released an album with Waka Flocka Flame called Ferrari Boyz combining their two different takes on music and making it into one.

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