Where Can I Find Piano Sheet Music With Lyrics For 'Fireflies' By Owl City?


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You can find piano sheet music for Fireflies by Owl City here on Musicnotes. The sheet music comes in digital download format and you can print it out, and even transpose the key. I expect this would be really helpful, considering the key that the original version is sung in! You do have to pay - it's $5.75 for the song - but Musicnotes is a trusted source, and you don't have to worry about it being inaccurate.

If you'd rather not pay, you can also find a free version here, which you can download and print out. Unfortunately, this version doesn't have lyrics, but a quick Google search will provide you with those separately, and you can listen to the original song  to make sure you're singing them at the right time!

Free sheet music is a bit of a gray area legally, so I'd recommend using Musicnotes if you're at all worried about that.

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Go to this dudes website. He's got the free music sheets on it. It's a blog. You just have to go down and click 'older posts' and you'll find it! fun! I know I am :P
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Type it in on google or get the music go on youtube type in fireflys by owl city lyrics

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