What Are The Keyboard Notes For Fireflies?


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Fireflies keyboard notes can be found at musicnotes and thapianoplaya, while the tab chords can be located at tabnabber. All of these are free, and there are several other sites from which the music can be obtained.

  • Lyrics
The tabnabber site also has the lyrics for this track, which was written by Adam Young and Owl City. Firefly, a track taken off the album Ocean Eyes as a single, became a quadruple platinum hit.

  • Talent
Adam Young, who created the Owl City project in 2007, composes, writes, records, meaning he does the lead vocals and programming, plays keyboards, synthesizers, piano, bass guitar, guitars, percussion, drums, accordion and vibraphone, as well as producing all Owl City music.

  • Major Success
Although the project released two independent albums, an EP called Of June in 2007 and Maybe I'm Dreaming in 2008, 2009 release Ocean Eyes was the first album on a major label and was certified as Platinum within under a year. The third album, All Things Bright and Beautiful was released in 2011.

  • Touring Members
During live performances, Young is accompanied by a team of supporting musicians. One of them is Breanne Düren, who plays the keyboard and does backing vocals, as well as featuring on the songs 'Honey & the Bee' and 'The Saltwater Room', as well as several other Owl City album songs.

Daniel Jorgensen plays both the guitar and the vibraphone, while Laura Musten plays the violin. Hannah Schroeder is the team's cellist and drummer Casey Brown completes the line up.

  • Social Networking Music
Adam Young and Owl City are another fine example of dedication and the benefits of social networking sites. After playing on MySpace for a few years, growing an audience, they were finally spotted and signed by a record company. The world knows what happened next.
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I don't no the keys for fireflies as well I really want 2 learn them so I can play it at home
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Eb D Bb Eb D Bb C Bb C Eb F Bb Bb G F Eb
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I need the letters no the music sheet some one help plz
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Hello, I need help in how to find the Letters.
Is there any website that does JUST the letters on the sheet along with the notes??
Please write back asap babes x
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You would not believe your eyes if 10million fire flies lit up the world as I fell asleep

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