How Do I Turn On The Closed Caption On My Sanyo TV?


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Closed captioning is when text is displayed on a television screen, video screen or any other visual display. It is an aid for the deaf or for those with poor hearing, but isn't restricted to this usage obviously. Effectively they transcript the audio and non-speech elements of the program. In the UK and other countries, closed captions are known as subtitles.
Remote controls all feature a Menu button of some sort. For some it is called 'Menu' and for some it's called 'Setup'. This function will bring up the TVs menu and navigate to a setting page. From here you can direct yourself to activate closed captions. A lot of remotes actually have a closed caption or subtitles button on it. If you're unsure which this is then you should consult the instruction manual. If you have lost your manual then a quick Google search will direct you to the manufacturer's website where an e-copy is available for free download.
In the same manner, going to 'Menu' or 'Setup' or hitting the closed caption button again will turn the function off. On some remotes the section for closed caption is named sub titles. Here you should select english1. To access it though, you would need to use 'Enter', not 'Menu', and use 0 to toggle through the CC menu.
In some cases your remote or TV won't have arrow buttons to navigate. If this is the case, the volume up and down buttons should act in this capacity.
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We had the same problem...we were using a universal remote to access closed captioning to turn it off on a tv friends had given us..after much frustration, we found out that you have to press "enter" (not "menu") and use 0 to toggle through the CC menu
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I have the same thing, I'm also deaf, and own Sanyo, it's impossible to get captions on with the English, it's just the language, not the subtitle, gothgirl.  Thank you though and I am also struggling to get captions on with my universal remote :[
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If you have a remote control, try clicking on the menu button until you see the closed caption, then use your up/down channel button to get to the closed caption. After that, use the volume button to turn the caption feature on. Hope this helps, my tv is a GE and I am using a universal remote with it, but since you haven't gotten an answer to your question yet, I thought I'd try to help.

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