What Is Justin Bieber's Favorite Movie?


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Rumor has it that Justin Bieber favorite movies include Rocky films, in particular Rocky Four. According to imdb, he also likes 'Smallville', a TV show, playing basketball, hockey and video games and has one day a week to do nothing but relax.

It is a surprise that he finds time to relax and watch movies, to be honest. He is currently working on two albums, then there is his My World Tour, appearances here there and everywhere, photo shoots, interviews and he has been spotted going for a stroll with Selena Gomez.

  • Education
Somewhere along the line, there has to be some sort of education going on as well. So how does he get a minute, never mind the time to watch a movie?

  • Following Justin Bieber
In any case, fans can find all this and more out for themselves by visiting him on Facebook or Twitter, or by taking a look at one or all of the many websites showing the latest news, lots of gossip, projects, pictures, videos music and and more.

Justin apparently updates his Twitter on a daily basis, so there will always be something new there for his many fans. Of course there are also his MySpace pages and his YouTube page with lots of videos.

  • Some of the Sites to Follow Justin Bieber
There are myriads of websites dedicated to Justin Bieber, but here are just a few of them:
It can certainly be said that there is lots of stuff to find out and look at when it comes to Justin Bieber. Whether fan sites or official sites, they are all packed with lots of info for his fans.
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17 again
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Home alone
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Justin biebers favorite movie is the rocky series well at least thats what every body says but I don't think that is it in my heart
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Growing up it was toy story but now its the rockey series

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