What's Justin Biebers Favorite Things?


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P.o.b:canada-stratford o, d.o.b:1st march 1994, fav food:spaghetti, fav candy:sour patch kids, fav colour:blue, fav colour to wear:purple, like:vitamin water, best friends:ryan butler,chaz sommers,christian beadles, zodiac sign:pisces, currently living:atlanta,gorgia, celeb crush:beyonce,fav number:6, fav toothpaste: Colgate, fave show:smallville, fav saying:"single and ready to mingle", shoe size:7-7 1/2, height:5'3 1/2, most embarrising moment:he was on a date with a girl at a italian restaurant and he was wearing a white t-shirt. He ordered spaghetti and spilt it all down the front of his shirt. They didnt go out again, what he likes in a girl: A good smile and pretty eyes and a great personality and a good sense of humor, he brushes his teeth in the shower, he named his toothbrush bob, he started druming at the age of 2, he prefers mac over pc, he is left handed,first kiss at the age of 13 at a school dance he made the first move (song playing: How to save a life by the fray), 75% of twitter are belibers
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Justins fav food is spagetti
justins fav number is 6
justins fav candy is sour patch kids
justins fav show is smallville
juststins fav drink is vitamin water
Justins bday is march 1st 1994
justin wants a girl with a pretty smile pretty eyes and a funny personality
best freinds- christian beadle ryan butler and chaz somers
justin plays trumpet piano guitar drums and he can DJ:) THATS JUST SOME I NO MORE
justins fav songs, taylor swift you belong with me, mad ne-yo beyonce halo beyonce sweet dreams usher your boo or somethang like tht
justin bieber lvies in canda ontario stratford
he lives in alanta georgia
but he said he lived in a suit case hahaha
dogs name is sam
he loves-beyonce rihanna taylor swift and many more!! LOL I'm a true belieber
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This is the new update...
Color: Purple
Candy: Marshmellow Peeps
Food: Spaghetti
Birthdate: March 1, 1994
Drink: Vitamin Water
Soda: Sprite
Fruit: Strawberries
Movie: Rocky Series
TV Show: Smallville and So You Think You Can Dance
Loves Brown Eyes
Loves playing Hockey and Basketball
Has Brown Hair
Gorgeous Brown Eyes

This is coming from a Justin Bieber fansite owner.
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Ok first of all his b-day is march 1 not 14!! Fav drink: Vitamin water & sprite > fav color: Purple & blue> fav candy: Sour patch kids > fav thing 2 do: Spend time with his fans play sports and hand out with his friends > fav fruit: Strawberries > fav movie: Rocky > fav sport: Hockey > fav eye color: Brown > EXTRA >>>>>> he likes tacos> likes girls with nice eyes, good smile, and good sense of humer> he goes on twitter like 20 times a day!!!> he likes it when girls chace him he said so himself!> born march 1st>has Light brown hair it ised 2 b blond!> AND LAST BUT NOT LEAsT hes super HOT!
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Moms name-pattie mallette
instruments-drums guitar piano and trumpet
he has a facebook and twitter
was discovered by-scooter braun
discovered on-youtube
favorite #-6
reord lable-island records
justins 1 song went platnum in- canada
my world was released- nov 17 2009
fave candy- sour patch
color eyes- brown
favorite color- blue
favorite color to wear- purple
birthday- march 1st 1994
born- stratford ontario
full name- justin drew bieber
favorite food- spagetti and pizza
favorite fast food- mc. Donalds
favorite movie- rockey
fave cereal- captin crunch
fave dog type-papillion
fave drink-orange soda
NOW I don't know ABOUT you BUT I'm A SERIUS FAN!
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His favourite colour is purple
his favourite tv programme is Smallville
hie likes zebras
his favourite candy is sour patch kids
he likes beyonce
he was born on 1st march 1994
his full name is Justin Drew bieber
he comes from Stratford,Ontario, Canada
he now lives in Atlanta
his close friends are: Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers, Caitlin and Christian Beadles
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Justin drew bieber like purple and blue but most wears purple. His favourite sport is basketball and hockey. His favourite food is pasta and drink is sprite too.he got swagg and loves too sing.
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Birthday: March 1st
Grade Point Average: 4.0
Food: Spaghetti and meatballs no sauce
Self Taught: Drums, Guitar, Piano, and Trumpet
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I know he likes purple and blue and he doesn't have a girl friend but I am still his best fan
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Hey guys, its Justin! I love purple, cheese pizza,   and all my fans! P.s. I'm NOT gay! I love yall and thanks 4 being there 4 me!
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His favorite color is blue, his favorite food is spaghetti, his favorite drink is orange soda, his favorite candy is sour patch kids, his favorite dog is papillion, and favorite song is already gone by Kelly Clarkson.
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I know a lot about justin bieber well he is very cute,nice etc he likes blue and perp-le color, has shaky bowl haircut , born on 1st march not on 14th. Lives in georgia usa.
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Food - pizza
colour - purple blue
people - Rihanna - beyonce - usher - taylor swift
Song - battle field, mad,
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Hey justin bieber is so hot and I would marry him if I could
love you justin bieber his biggest fan

love amber michelle litle love  once again
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color to wear-purple
food-pizza with xtra cheese
fast food-mc d.
Cereal-captian crunch
favorite singer-cris brown
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Fav colour-blue and purple
fav movie-rocky
fav candy-sour patch
fav drink-orange juice with a shot of absolut vodka
fav food-pizza with lots of cheese
fav sport-hockey
fav animal-dog
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Favorite candy sour patches favorite food new york pizza with extra cheese most important thing is his family
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He loves the los angeles lakers.His favorite fruit is strawberries and his favorite vegetable is broccoli.
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Color- blue   shoes- purple high tops   necklace- his dog tags   accessories- watches
food- pizzas and burgers
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His favorite color is either purple or green. His favorite meat is chicken and his favorite person is HALEY PIETANZA!
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Food-spageti and meat balls no sauce and new york style pizza xtra cheese from ceasers pizza
colors-blue and purple
loves -beyonce
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Color - blue but like to wear purple
food - spaghetti and meatballs no sauce
drink - orange soda
candy - sour patch kids
songs - Already Gone, You Belong with Me, and Empire State of Mind
movie - Rocky
t.v program - Smallville
age - 15
birthday - March 14th, 1994
singer - Chris Brown
cereal - Captain Crunch
fast food - McDonalds
celeb people - Beyonce, Usher, and Taylor Swift
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Loves to wear purple.
Pretty good at golfing.
Wants a friend that he can trust.
Want madders in  a girl with a good smile and a good personality.
He thinks roller coasters are fun but make him sick.
He hate chocolate.
Got his first kiss at age 13.
It takes him 20 minutes to get ready in the morning.
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I think that Justin should go to the doctor to get his bathing suit area checked out. I think the rest of the male population of earth would agree with me. And everyone here should probably get a real hobby and quit stalking him, its kinda weird. I don't understand why it even matters what he likes; can't you just be like regular people and just enjoy his music, as crap as it is, and get on with life. :D
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G.M.O(gosh my o) I am just like justin bieber, and I live in america...I can't wait to see justin bieber in concert! Most of the girls I know love him almost as much as his 2 biggest fans me and my cousin...we love him so much...we are soul mates(lol) we know practically everything about him, but we are not stalkers, we're just huge, I mean HUGE, fans! My cousin and I are dancers and dance to his songs all the time, a couple minutes ago we were putting some more of his 200 posters on our walls!
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Color-blue   shoes-purple high tops   necklace-his dog tags   accessories-watches   food-pizza and burgers
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Color-blue   shoes-purple high tops   necklace-his dog tags   accessories-watches   food-pizza and burgers
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There r 2many different answers but I think I no them.....
He likes purple and blue
he likes the movie rocky
he likes the candy sour patch kids his favorite foods r spaghetti tacos and pizza with extra cheese
he likes rihanna and taylor swift I think
he does not like chris brown
I don't know his favorite song
and his favorite cereal is captin crunch (I don't really like it though)
that is all I know :)
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Apple pie sour patch kids beyonce chicken spaghetti orange soda thinks megan fox is totally hot shawty is his slang word love captain crunch blue and purple and soccer the songs already gone mad empire state of mind and you belong with me!

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His favourite things are
dream date:beyonce
drink:vitamin drink
cereal:spaghetti crunch
t.v show:Smallville

thats all I am telling you and am KNOW j.b and I have kissed him at his house and all of them are right coz I have asked him coz are mums are close friend so ha
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Well yous are all wrong because I am one of justins best friends and he aint commented on this question so that person who is saying he is justin is obviously lying! Also if you want to know these things look it up on the internet and not looking on this
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Colour:purple and blue        LOVE PURPLE AND BLUE
food: Pizza extra cheese     ME TOO
fast food: Mc donalds           SAME LOVE IT
fruit: Strawberrys oh my god WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON
candy:sour patch kids     I'm SERIOUS I REALY LIKE THEM

well justin I'm your biggest fan and I really think your hot and no your not gay I know I hope we can meet one day.

Your biggest fan Candace fletcher
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Okay well
his fav food is pizza extra chees
fav drink is sprit
he dose like beyonce and thinks Megan fox is hot
and he has a broken leg
I know this because I'm reading a magazine with all of the answers in it rite now so don't even try to tell me otherwise
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Fave food: Spaghetti and meatballs
Fave T.V Show: Smallville
Fave Hockey Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Fave Colour: Purple and Baby Blue
Birthday: March 1st, 1994
Mother: Pattie Mallette
Born In: Stratford, Canada
Age: 16
Fave Cereal: Cap n Crunch
Fave Celebs: Usher, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce
Discovered by: Scooter Braun
Discovered: On Youtube
Fave Candy: Sour Patch Kids
Fave Drink: Orange Soda
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His fave colour is blue but he loves to WEAR purple
he likes sour patch kids
his fave cereal is captain crunch
his fave movie is rocky and fave tv programme is smallville
he LOVES beyonce
his fave songs are empire state of mind, you belong with me, and mad
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Colour : Blue .
He likes to wear : Purple .
Favourite food : Pizza with extra cheese . (everyone say that)
Favourite candy : Sour patch kids
His favourite song is : Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me
Birthday : March 14st - (it's in wikipedia! So I think it's true)

If you don't agree with me than it's ok , beacuse I am not so sure about it, but it's all what I know..
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Favorite color-blue
favorite color to wear-purple
bday-march 1st, 1994
favorite food-pizza with extra cheese
favorite toothpaste- colgate
some of favorite songs- you belong with me by taylor swift, mad by neyo, sweet dreams by beyonce, heartless by kanye west
favorite cereal- captain crunch
crushes- taylor swift, beyonce, megean foxx
dogs name-sam
best friends name-ryan
favorite movie-rocky
favorite candy- sour patch kids
born in-canada
lives in- atlanta, georgia
# of gf's hes had- 3
instruments he can play- piano, guitar, trumpet, drums
thats just SOME of what I know about him :) ive got bieber fever
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His favorite color is purple favorite food turkey sandwich favorite candy sour patch
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Favorite color is blue but wears purple. Favorite candy is sour patch kids. Fav cereal is captin crunch.fav movie is rocky.fav tv program is smallvile,loves beyonce. Song you belong with me.fav food is new york pizza w/h extra chesse,favorite soda is orange soda.16 turning 17 next year.d/o/b is 14,march,1994
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I am not realy such a BIG fan of justin bieber but here is a few things tha t I know
His fav colour is blue and purple
his fav food is pizza
he cares about his family
he likes the breakfaste of captain crunch

that is so far that I know about justin ....oops I almoust 4 got his b-day is 1 march 1994
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Color - Green

food -  Meatballs no sauce

drink - Water & Cold drinks

candy - sour patch kids
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I don't get why everyone has to obsess to try and be with Justin! Gosh hes not a chew toy. Hes a dude!!!! Calm yourselves!
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Color - blue
color to wear - purple
food - tacos
fast food - mc ds
number - 96
animal - panda
cereal - captain crunch
birthday - march 14 1994
celebs - beyonce, rihanna, usher, taylor swift
tv show - smallville
candy - sour patch kids
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Puppies , sing , watch tv . He is so hot I LOVE him so much he is such a great singer. Why did he have to be so hot. I would LOVE to Date him so much.
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He is so so so so hotttttttttttttttttttttt i love him. He is so sexy. I just love love him so much. I mean really how is he so cute? Love maddee
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About his favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids... LUV THEM TOO! I am not really much of a candy eater, or needless to say, a fan of  gummy candy. But when I tried Sour Patch Kids, I was sad when my pack was gone. LOL
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His birthday is march 14th people! I remember it because it is exactly 3 months after mine. And hi fav. Color is blue but he loves to wear purple!
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His birthday is not 14 march it is 1st of march
Same day as ke$ha
Not that I like her I don't
I love him
He just turned 16 like nearly 2 months ago
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His fave colors are blue and purple. His fave band is Take That . His fave animal is Red Pandas .His fave movie is FAME . His fave candy is red licorish . His dad is 48 years old .

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You don't have bieber fever ^ your so stupid he was NOT BORN ON MARCH 1 get it throuhgh your head people march 14. Sheesh nawht true fans.
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Justin Bieber's Favorite Things
Favorite Color(s)- Purple and Blue
Food- Spaghetti
Candy- Sour Patch Kids
TV show- Smallville
Hobbies- basketball, baseball, and Skateboarding
He was discovered by Usher and Justin Timberlake and they were fighting over having custody over his music but he chose Usher..... I basicly found the info at  bieberzone.weebly.com
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His fav cereal - captain crunch
fav returant - mcdonolds
fav colour - blue
and he LOVES beyonce
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Food-pizza/speggeti bday-march 14 1994  fav color-blue or green fav band-all american regects  fav song -you belong with me halo hope it gives you hell fav animal-dog fav candy- sour patch fav movie rockey
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Why does everyone love stalking him or like him so much I just like his music not looks and by the way here is your answerhis favorite color is blue and purplecandy: Sour patchcereal: Captain crunchmovie: Rockytv show:small ville
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Hi justin I am 10 and I want to know if you can come and meet me at the first mcdonalds in radcliff ky and my number is 9122070449 love you and I think your so cute
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Color-blue and purple   I love both these colors
food-pizza extra cheese   me toooo
movie-rocky   sadly never seen it
tv show-smallville   me tooooo I love smallville
cereal-captian crunch   I don't live in America so I have never tasted it
age-15 turning 16 on birthday   sadly we are three years apart
birthdate-14th march 1994   three years apart
people-usher;beyonce;taylor swift   me too we are so alike I am beeing honest
I absulutly adore him he is so hot you are so lucky you stalk him where does he live Justin bieber if you see this I love you so much you should really do a concert in south africa in johannesburg and save 7 front row seats and backstage passes for kendyl I would do anything to meet you and taylor lautner my two rollmodels I wold really love to win the hannah montana style compertition because I would go to L.A. I love you justin bieber with all my heart and of course also taylor lautner
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Justin bieber if you see this ilove you! You are my future husband!you will be forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Justin is born on march 1,1994 not march14,1994.Otherwise good job!

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