How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay For A Retractable Reel For Home Oxygen Tubing?


2 Answers

Kymm Profile
Kymm answered
Well are you thinking on the reel and tubing being as one with some kind of connector for the machine. Or are you thinking on just a reel that you put your existing tubing on. That makes a difference on how you would charge. I'd say if it's just the reel then $50-$75 would be good to start it and if it's the whole kit and kaboodle then probably $150-$250 or more depending on the length of the tubing supplied. Theres so many things to consider. More info is needed to determine a reasonable price. Good luck though.. I think it's a great idea....Let me know how it goes...
Terri Gardner Profile
Terri Gardner answered
About 25. To 50 bucks, it should not be that expensive to produce. I just need something on the line like a water hose reel but for oxygen tubing instead of a water hose.  Automatic would be nicer and I would be willing to pay more for the automatic one.

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