Why Did Barry Manilow Lie About His Age In The Early Days?


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The aim of the lie about his age was to make him more appealing to teens.
        Although he was born in 1943 but his record label company Arista Records announced his age to be 29 instead of 32, in the year 1975 when the record was released, because of the fear of loosing his appeal among the teens.
       Manilow has so many hits in his name like 'Mandy', 'Capacabana' and 'I write the songs'. Later his work 'Capacabana' was turned out to be a musical for stage and even ran for two years in the West end.
      In the UK his biggest was 'I want to Do It With You' and it was his only top ten hit in that country. His ad campaign theme for McDonald 'You Deserve a Break Today' was a milestone in the history of the jingle writing.

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