What Were The Advantages Of Old Television?


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You actually had to sit and watch it(no a.d.d in the past).you actually had to sit and watch and when you wanted to change the channel you had to get off the couch(no couch taters) to change it so you had to learn to share the tv or learn how to get others to do things for you/like change the channel. You actually had to watch the show when it was on because you did not have a vcr recorder/dvd or blue ray burner. So you became really addicted to the only new shows that came on because most likely you would not get to see it again until summer reruns if then. Oh! And from the news this week you could actually get them repaired for less than the price of the tv unlike these new plasma tv's where you basically bleed through the nose to get them's basically cheaper to buy a new one in today's market which is just a waste of resources when the old tv's are thrown away. And the old tv's were in wooden cabinets when they were actually broken beyond repair the cabinet could be used as furniture/table/fish tank cabinet/or to put another tv unit into not like these cheap wall units that fall apart after a couple years.oh! And they use to teach the poor at the salvation army/goodwill how to repair old tv's which then they turned into a job which provided them a career. Now those jobs are gone like many many other repair jobs of small electronics since the united states has shipped all the electronics company jobs to foreign countries for cheaper labor/production. So the old tv industry provided not only entertainment they provided service jobs and repair jobs/electronic parts stores. Since we have throw away electronics now those jobs are gone.

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