News Editors Decide What To Broadcast On Television And What To Print In Newspapers. What Factors Do You Think Influence These Decisions? Do We Become Used To Bad News? Would It Be Better If More Good News Was Reported?


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There are many co-related factors which the editors need to co-up to make his decisions. Yes we are used to bad news some what. Yes it is far – better to read good news instead of bad ones
News editors usually make the all important decisions what, when, where to broadcast a news on electronic –media or print it on there newspapers It is a big decisions to be made by editors when to broadcast news. The editor has to think about the out come of news pre-caution. The impact of the news in a society has the advantages or disadvantages of the article or video. Is the article completes the full story? Is it advisable? Are there any types of writing or video which might influence a corrupted person? Is there any scene in the video which is fear-full to the viewers? The picture attached to articles does possess any negative impact on society? Future out come of the news,. Think it twice before an editor should telecast or print news.
Bad news suffers our society a lot. It has a large impact on our global and social activities. Our mind becomes drowsy seeing and watching bad news. Our brain has been finalized by negative impact of the news. Our children become more hopeless frustrated watching those painful, mind -blowing news.
It’s far better if an editor telecast or prints good news 80% rather than 5%. It will benefit our society a great-deal. Our children should be more pro-active and feels more secures about there upcoming beautiful future ahead.
So at last I beg the editors to telecast or print good news rather than bad news.
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At first the target audience or viewers. When one news editor takes decision on which story will be broadcast or printed first thing appears in his or her mind is the target potential viewers. As per the theory given by westley maclean theory of mass communication  news passes through several checkpoints knows as gatekeepers. This gatekeeper term is used for news editors. If somebody wishes to eat rice and you give him pizza then it will not work out. You have to predict your coustomers taste and present the things accordingly.

Now newspapers and channels are not free from political and economical influence. Some parties and industrialists influence the media. So sometimes news editor has to follow the instructions came from operators.  

As far as the good news and bad news is concerned  popularity is for bad news because  media literacy is low in india. People still want to watch programmes based on ghosts, fantasy, and other baseless programmes on yellow journalism.

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