Can You List All The Wombles?


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Some of the main Wombles characters are Great Uncle Bulgaria (the Womble's chief), his entire name Bulgaria Coburg Womble, Tobermory (engineer and handyman), Orinoco (Plump straggler who loves sleep and food ), Bungo (zealous and dominant and whose always bursting with great ideas), Tomsk (sporty Womble and who enjoys outdoors), Wellington (scientifically inclined Womble), Miss Adelaide (Womble schoolmistress), Yazz Womble Travis (The beautiful slim one), Madame Cholet (cook), Shansi ( is very shy but a perfectionist) and Alderney (is a far-away relative of Great Uncle Bulgaria), she is a very inquisitive character and loves exploring new things around her. Cousin Yellowstone, was a chracter who was later introduced.

The main attraction of the first book was Bungo, he was the youngest and the least knowledgeable. The character who was introduced in the next novel was Wellington. The first series was broadcasted on Jackanory. The Wombles motto was 'Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish'.

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