Has Cascada Been Naked?


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Yes, at many points during Cascada's (otherwise known as Natalie Horler's) life she will have been naked, unless she has worn the same clothing every day of her life and never taken them off, which of course we know is not true.

If you mean has she ever been naked in front of paparazzi then the answer is no. There have been no leaked naked pictures of her, or any naked photo shoots of the pop singer. Compared to a lot of other pop stars she has been quite constrained about how much she exposes, and although her music videos are often quite raunchy and sexy, she does not appear on men's magazines naked for money.

Cascada is a German euro dance act which many people think is made up of one singer, Natalie Horler. But, Cascada is actually a band that is made up of three people. Along with Natalie, there is DJ Manian and Yanou who are both DJs and producers and help create the image and sound that is Cascada.

They have made a name for themselves from hits such as 'Evacuate the dance floor'as well as a faster, dance version of 'Every time we touch' which was their debut hit and made it to number 1 in Ireland and Sweden and number 2 in the UK.
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Obvious yess when bathing
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Not that the paparazzi has seen no....

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