Why Do Movies Make Women Out To Be Stupid?


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I hate this with a passion!! I am NOT going to be a victim like that, ever again. I was years ago when I was raped, and I decided, no way was that ever going to be me. I hate the sexism that they use to portray women as stupid.
The last thing that most of us are is stupid. I think women are much smarter than men in many ways. Necessity is the mother of invention. I have had to apply this to many parts of our lives together, and done well with the outcome of it. I AM NOT STUPID, AND I HATE BEING THOUGHT OF AS THAT.
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Katrina Ferguson
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I agree with you maybe they are trying this as propaganda to get the younger women to behave like that.I do not know.Just a thought.
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I think that is too much personal info
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Because men directed it,  men make us look dumb, men want this, it's funny for men, they still think they are better then us women or their job is more important than ours, what can i say it's in their blood
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I can never figure out why the woman doesn't start beatin the tar out of the villian. Apparently the directors don't want women to be empowered, or they like the money that abusers, rapist and murderers pay to see theses stupid flicks.
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I guess they made the movie to be some what interesting if they Have scenes like this.I would not stand there either not for someone to kill me to me it's crazy.
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Lawless they do the same to Cowboys too!
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