Movies today seem to be lacking in originality. Do any of you have any original ideas that you think could make a good movie?


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Hmmm, what about a movie about a giraffe who was born with a short neck...he gets teased for it but THEN HE WINDS UP BECOMING THE FIRST SUPER GIRAFFE!!! And all his bullies kiss up to him but he's like, "No, you peeps bullied me!" and then he saves the president somehow...THE END

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Mine would be mostly from books I've read over the years that would make great movies if done right but rarely do they make a movie from a book that stays to the actual story of the books. I can think of many ! But they will just keep remaking older movies . It's a shame.

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It really is a shame. You're right. There are a dew books thsy were made into movies and the movies were terrible. It's a shame.
Rooster Cogburn
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So many good books out there that I have read that would make great movies if they didn't butcher them!
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I've been working on my own story. It takes place in a medieval style setting. A long time ago, for the good of all mankind, a group named The Lionheart League, sealed a powerful dragon-like creature in a device that was locked with magic by using enchanted stones. To unlock the device, you needed to find the enchanted stones from each of the original Lionheart league members and place them along the outside of the device and recite an incantation. The device and the stones were hidden separately in order to protect the device.

A new evil tyrannical leader has risen to power and has learned of the hidden device. He starts down a warpath; destroying everything in his way to find the enchanted stones and the device, in order to claim the beast. With this beast, he would be unstoppable.

A new Lionheart League is formed in order to combat the tyrant and destroy the beast once and for all. It's not finished but this is the general idea. What do you think?

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Corey The Goofyhawk
I'm glad you like it! Who doesn't like fantasy, magic, and dragons, lol. Actually, you are one of the few people whose opinion I respect on this site, so I'm glad you commented :). Thanks for the book title. I will definetly check it out! I've actually been curious about the topic of that book.
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Truthfully ... There are NO original story plots to be told.  Every plot has already been done.

The only thing that can be done, is change the characters and settings.  Which is why it seems like every movie is a "rip off" of an earlier one.

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