How come when I check out the movies playing at the Theaters, I hardly see any comedies anymore? Have they just quit trying? Have you seen any good comedy movies lately that you think was really funny?


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I don't think hollyweird has script writers anymore

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I haven't seen anything good lately in general. They seem to be focusing more on horror and on sexualizing everything instead of a good story. The only good comedy movies I've actually liked were with Adam Sandler or Robin Williams.

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I don't think they've quit it cause there's plenty of comedy out there time to time, but the point would be the writers sometimes start focusing on writing specific titles in comedy, for instance, currently the focus on sexual-comedy is overwhelming.

"We are the millers" is the last comedy that i have heard of, didn't got time to watch the movie but watched the trailer & it made me laugh a lot, but the fact is it's one of those sexual-comedies again, i'm not gonna say it's bad,but overreacting on something is never a good thing! Which that's what's happening to comedy genre today! It comes boring that we explore & we find out the only aspect which we using to create comedy is sexual topics. We need new ideas. However, the real point would be "what each person rank "great" to a comedy"

There have been so many great legends of comedy but i gotta add i'd never get tire of Jim Carrey  & Adam Sandler's movies & we lost a great comedian as well, R.I.P to Robin Williams.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind if nobody write great comedies anymore. I can watch this one a million times! (however it owns one amazing sexual-comedy as well, but it's old school one, before it gets overreacted!)

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It's the same guys doing the same stuff Adam Sandler or whoever we need a fresh face and some new jokes.

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