Have you ever heard of the movie, Contagion? Do you think according to the movie that everyone will come in contact with a disease?


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Arthur Wright answered
It already happens as everyonme has had a cold at sometime in their life or another so to catch a mass fatal one can and does happen already some place on earth
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Janey answered
Only if there's mass outbreak of something like HN51 or the Red Flu which if left unchecked could wipe out most of the earth's population.Contagion is a good movie as it shows what could easily happen and the BBC series Survivors was equally as good at showing what could happen in the aftermath of a worldwide disease epidemic.
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La Anita answered
Yes. It happens all the time, our cells that keep in the process of mutating simply protects us from everyday air-born viruses/allergen. Anything that cannot adjust bcoms extinct. Our dna genome helps us to b resilient against certain things, however, something can b  engineered directly adapted  and targeted And the previously lucki billion 2survive the :common cold' would be lucky no more. Art imitates Life, remem? Be well.

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