How Do I Know If A Chanel Purse Is Authentic?


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Chanel is the most famous and recognized brand. The products of Chanel are very expensive for instance handbags; it is a favorite target for the manufacturers to fake merchandise. There are certain ways to check if the handbag is authentic. First of all check the logo it is comprised of two interlocking "c" letters that face away from each other. Secondly an authentic Chanel handbag has an authenticity card; this embossed card contains a serial number. A same serial number will be placed somewhere within the handbag's interior. Examine both the serial numbers, they must match. Apart from this the Chanel name or logo should be engraved on the strap of the bag.
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Thank you! I should be receiving the purse on Monday or Tuesday. I'll check it out.
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You can check on e-bay.. There is a section there that you can go into that gives all info on authenticity of designer pocketbooks

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