How Do You Tell If Your Chanel Is A Knockoff?


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The best way to know if your Chanel is a real product or a knock-off is to call the Chanel boutique and get your queries resolved. Chanel utilizes excellent quality calfskin and not lambskin. Chanel does not believe in authenticating items for buyers because of a large quantity of fakes in the market. Somebody who swears to give you the refund with testimony from the boutique manager is just lying to you

The not so surprising, irony is that the fake also comes with the authenticity card, matching sticker and the same serial number. The true Chanel does not have a make-up pouch with Cambon bags that are usually found with fakes. Chanel purses are 'black' with the colour Chanel imprinted on the front in 'white.' Nowhere in the bag will you see words like 'France' or 'Paris'. A cheap knock off is recognized by its slack stitching and the curved CC logo. If you are buying a Chanel for $50, then you can be rest assured that it is a knock-off! The only way a buyer can be sure of making an authentic purchase of the Chanel handbag is by buying it directly from a Chanel Boutique or authorized Chanel retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom in Seattle and Barneys New York. Of course; it certainly does not cost $50!
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I am selling a Chanel bag on ebay with a a white dustcover and black lettering and I bought the bag in London. I have a person screaming fake and it is not- it is bona fide. I bought it in London quite a few years ago and have never used it. So what is with this balck dust cover nonsense?
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I have several Chanel handbags and a pairs of shoes bought at Chanel shops with WHITE dustcovers - what are you saying???
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Make sure the identity card matches the inside cc logo number. Always ask for a receipt and go with your gut as if you have owned chanel you can smell the difference.

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