Where Can I Watch Episodes Of Cheaters?


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  • Where Can I Watch Episodes Of Cheaters?
There are many places across the internet where you can watch Cheaters. Some of these include:

Follow the link:

With this Rookietelevision blog you will be able to find 10 of the best Cheaters moments. These are just short clips, but provide some of the best Cheaters clips available.

  • What is Cheaters?
Cheaters is a reality TV show that captures people 'cheating'. Hidden cameras are placed around people's homes and work places or other places, where they may be caught cheating on their partners. People who suspect their partner of cheating will contact the show and the producers will then install the cameras in the hope of catching them out.

The show has a team of detectives called the 'Cheaters detective Agency' and it is hosted by Joey Greco. The show is rated as TV-14, because not everything is suitable for children or the easily offended and there is often bad language and sexual or violent behaviour.

Many people enjoy the show to see people being caught out and to witness their shock and disappointment, when they are caught. We rarely see the 'bad guy' being caught live on TV and this is one of the few instances, where we do feel good that they got caught out.

  • Controversy over the show
There is obvious controversy surrounding the show due the fact that the detective spy on the cheaters. Another controversial argument erupted in 2002, when some of the people on the show claimed they were actors and were actually paid to act for the cameras.

These individuals claimed they were paid $400 and the whole act was staged. The producers deny this is true and believe the individuals are claiming this simply because they were caught cheating and believe they will appear in a bad light to family, friends and potential partners in the future.
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You can sometime go to you tube
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According to me website is a best way for you to Download TV show. Here you can get  better quality for TV show.
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All episodes are available at website You can watch all the episodes of Cheaters from here.

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