Why Do People Like To Watch Big Brother?


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Because Big Brother, like any reality show, gives people the opportunity to live vicariously through contrived characterizations, careful editing and a soap opera mentality.
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Because we live in a culture where everybody wants know about other people`s life and we enjoy doing it. Besides it is interesting to see how strangers live together.
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I have to admit that I enjoyed and followed the 1st and second edition but right now, although they are trying very hard to introduce original ideas, the Big Brother formula has dried out.
It is really boring program; inside the house nothing really exciting happens and the people they choose are cute sometimes but absolute morons and not interesting at all.
I don't know for how long we have to bear this program on our TVs, but if it continues coming back every season should be because it has a broad audience that enjoy seeing how shallow human beings could be.
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It shows the cruelty in our society. The object is to screw over other people that you don't even know in order to get the big cash.
It's just another example of what our society has reduced itself to.
"It's all about ME" ! And don't care about what you do to others in order to, "Get what I want".
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I used to love big brother, now I think it's just to kill time. I know we're your coming from some people just like watching people live in a house for no particular reason and walking around half naked for entertainment for millions of viewers.
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It is because we are a nation obsessed with what other people do behind closed doors and a lot of people who watched 'big brother' are hoping to see the people naked and for some sex scenes.
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I was thinking the same thing. It seems really, really boring and can't understand why people would waste their time on it.
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I love to watch big brother because it really brings out the best in the celebrities, their lifestyle is not much different to ours when you really think about it. 

Although celebrities are always out and about, when they are home they do exactly the same as everybody else. Big brother will never get boring and it will always keep offering. 

A lot of people think its boring but I always ask 'why is it still on the tv then?' it must definitely be good if its still on, obviously! It is just very interesting to hear what the celebrities think of all the other housemates when they walk into the big brother house even when they they don't know them at all. 

The programme big brother is definitely a bit like marmite, you either love it or you hate it, but I certainly know that I love it! Just to think that some people don't like it or despite it really does make me think that some people are very boring and never have fun. If it is Celebrity big brother or non-celebrity big brother, either way I love them both and I will carry on to keep watching it until the show ends.

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Because the people are real not actors .....that is why I watch ...why do so many people watch dancing with the stars
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Hey friends thanks for posting these links... The links are really good... I had a look of all of them
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I like big brother because of its motive. In this movie it is shows that there is a good person live in us who can fight for his right and for these who can't. I have seen this movie 3 times and I felt its a good movie. It is shows in movie that there must a man need in society who can judge the right and forbade the wrong deeds. We can see that in our society law and order has no more respect left. So someone has to come and take charge to maintain it. Pundit fights for women protection which is very needy in our society.
But also there are some technical mistakes like the director showed the hero like a terminator. He hit a punch a the vilen fel down many feet away in the air to ground. But the movie motive and story is really good and positive. Its a lesson to our governments that if they don't take any action against these immoral crimes and activities then the public will start acting to stop these things. This film spreads the message to government and its machinery to maintain law and order and to take positive strong action against corruption.
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I think because it gives people a sense of being, also it shows them what other teens/adults do with themselves, also its reality. So it brings out the truth.
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Big brother is an amazing show... The reality projected through the show is worth mentioning.... That's why people like to watch Big Brother....

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