Why Do People Love Watching The SIMPSONS?


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Louise Gorman answered
People love watching The Simpsons simply because it's funny. It's been around for such a long time now that it's become a sort of classic. People have tatoos of the characters because they like them and because The Simpsons is so well known it becomes a sort of trend to have them.

It's also obviously still popular with young children, even though it was around way before they were born. Many children can relate to Bart, which is why they become so attached to the character. I wouldn't advise any children to get tatoos of him though - there was one little boy who recently got a henna tatoo of Bart and it ended up scarring him for life and he's now left with the imprint of Bart with his trousers down on his arm! It's not a good idea for children to have them!
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Anonymous answered
I find it to be quite funny and would rather watch it than some of the other crap they have been putting on TV.
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marie kelly answered
Me and my kids like watching the Simpson because it is funny. My two boy are sometime  like bart and my girl
thinks she is lisa.
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William Cain answered
As in the saying it is very funny, I could do anything but I would not get a tattoo of the characters.  I have heard many parents say they would not allow their youngsters watch, but I am a legal adult and I enjoy it.
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brii Grant answered
It is so awesome ! My mom has seen every episode and I want to too! It is so funny oh my god! It might have racism but does family guy in fact family guy has more! But both of these shows would and will have you laughing for hours. Yeah
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Mike McCarthy answered
The Simpsons are crap. Always has been.  Besides, they have been on the air 10 years too long. It is time to close the book & let them live on in reruns like Star Trek has done.
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Because it's funny.
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Cat Valentine answered
Simpsons started 17 december 1989 And has been going on for years, it is a real classic, they have simpsons donuts and it is very populaur.

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