What's A Good Love Song For Me And My Boyfriend?


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paola martinez answered
How bout "perfect two" by Auburn??(:
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Anonymous answered
I like you belong with me taylor swift or your call by secondhand serenade
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Marlene answered
Songs by nevershoutnever, Perfect Company by A Cursive Memory?(:
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samantha king answered
Whispers in the dark by skillet
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Maxine Chan answered
You and me by Lifehouse, Somewhere only we know also by Lifehouse, Two is better than one by Boy LIke Girls ft Taylor Swift, Loving you by Tynisha Keli, Beautiful soul by Jesse Mccartney, A moment like this by Kelly Clarkson, Love me for me by Christina Aguilera, Undiscovered by Ashlee Simpson, Close to you by The Carpenters, and Beautiful by Colby O Donis ft Akon.
Paula Not tellin u Profile
Here's some ideas:
All I Do Is Think Of You - Jackson 5
Anywhere But Here - Hilary Duff
Why Can't I - Liz Phair
Johnny and June - Heidi Newfield
Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds
Darling I Do - Landon Pigg & Lucy Shwartz
If You Were Here - Cary Brothers
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Happy by Nevershoutnever! It's a great song for a boyfriend and girlfriend you should totally listen to the lyrics. It's been mine and my boyfriends song for at least 5 months
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Janey answered
Love Etc by Pet Shop Boys as it has all the right lyrics and it's a great song both to listen to and dance to!
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Nicole answered
Depends on what type of music you are in to and what song you you always find you both listen to that could be your song. X
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bluebaby rene answered
DONDRIA  you're the one
jessica simpson I want to love you forever
mariah carey without you,always be my baby
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Anonymous answered
Living our love song by jason michele carrol or how ever you speel it and another one is you had me from hello by kenny chesney
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Lorraine W. answered

I like " If Walls Could Talk" by Cline Dion, " Cherish The Day" by Sade your might like these as well.
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micah johnson answered
Our song its a country song about a boy and a girl who sneak around to talk to each other late at night

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