What are really cute love pop songs 2009-2011? Like songs 4 me and my boyfriend?


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Joe B. answered
Cannot go wrong with Bruno Mars song Just The Way You Are.
Or Train's song Marry Me.
And if things go south, perhaps Cee Lo Green's Fuc* You song would fit the bill as well hehehehehe
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hockey luvergurl
hockey luvergurl commented
Ya...my bf is THE BEST!!! He cares bout me an hes hot hes nice hes cute hes funny and he plays hockey!!!!!!
Joe B.
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Um okay, didn't really care, but ...... Um okay
Joe B.
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Um okay...... Well everyone does love love....... But you loving love doesn't make me feel happy. Actually beyond my own life and relations I really don't much care for others feelings. Sorry
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Uhm, Beyonce~Halo is kinda all I can think of.
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Georgia Kandila answered
With you by chris brown... I love that song <3333333333333
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Teenage dream by katy parry. I love tht song. Lol. I like katy perry, and I usally don't like pop, but she is the master at pop!

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