Why Did Michael Jordan Stick His Tongue Out?


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Michael Jordan's tongue habit was one of the most recognizable trademarks in basketball.

I remember often emulating his tongue-wagging ways when I was lining up to take a penalty shot during a high-school basketball game.

According to an interview in Jet Magazine, Jordan picked the habit up from his dad.

Michael Jordan's tongue

Apparently, Michael's dad used to stick his tongue out whenever he was trying to focus on concentrate on things.

To quote Michael Jordan:

"You watch your father work and he used to stick his tongue out and I took it up and made it a habit".

Weird sport habits

Although running around with your tongue hanging out like a piece of off-color deli meat might seem a bit strange, the world of sports is well-known for players who have weird trademark habits.

In the 1990 Soccer World Cup, Brazilian footballer Bebeto celebrated scoring a goal by rocking his arms like a cradle.

This was meant to be a celebration of the impending birth of his baby, but became his trademark celebration.

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal is well known for biting every trophy that he's ever been presented with.
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Everyone has a "thing" they do when concentrating. Some bite their bottom lip.  Some clench their jaws.  I bet if you think about what you do when - let's say hammering a nail - you have a "thing" also.

I bite my bottom lip.
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Force of habit- I do it when I concentrate on what I am doing.

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