When Was AC/DC Formed?


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AC/DC was formed in November 1973 in Melbourne, Australia. The band was formed by guitarist Malcolm Young after the Velvet Underground, his first band, split up. Malcolm was the rhythm guitarist and younger brother Angus the lead guitarist. Colin Burgess was called in to play drums, Larry Van Kriedt was on bass, and Dave Evans came on board as vocalist. Their intial idea to recruit a keyboardist was soon dropped.

They made their stage debut in Sydney at a club called 'Chequers' on New Year's Eve, 1973. Angus was just fifteen at the time and acting on his sister's suggestion he began wearing his school uniform on stage. This has come to be an ACDC trademark. The following year, drummer Phil Rudd replaced Burgess and bassist Mark Evans took Larry's place. Bon Scott, who was the band's chauffeur became their lead vocalist.

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