Which Was Depeche Mode's Best Selling Record?


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Depeche Mode in their long career spanning 26 years and still going strong have delivered numerous best selling albums. They are considered to be one of the first bands in the Synth pop and Alternative dance genres and their music has influenced a number of other artists in later times. The band itself comprising of David Gahan, Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher currently was formed in 1980 in the UK and since then has become popular in various countries like the US, Germany and Australia.

Some of the best selling records of Depeche Mode are Speak and Smell featuring the hit single Just Can't Get Enough, Catching Up with Depeche Mode featuring the single People are People which catapulted the band into the limelight in the US. The single Personal Jesus (1989) and Enjoy the Silence (1990) from the album Violator are considered to be the most popular ones of the band with the album itself being the band's best selling record.

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